SEM C Series

SEM C Series

Download the 668C (309kb), the 658C w SDEC (324kb)


Engine optimized and rematched
Improved efficiency and performance
Improved cold start capability


Designed by CRDC, the cooling system brings end results of optimal cooling efficiency, increased fuel efficiency, less radiator plugging even under extreme hot temperature or dusty work environment.


SDEC SC11CB 220 (658C) SDEC SC11CB 240 (668C)
Rated Speed 2200RPM Rated Speed 2200RPM
Rated Power 162kW Rated Power 175kW
Max.Torque 912Nm Max.Torque 950Nm
Displacement 10.45 Displacement 10.45


Torque converter 3-element, single stage
Transmission SEM TR-150 countershaft
Gear shift I (km/h) II (km/h) III (km/h) IV (km/h)
Forward (658C) 6.9 12.4 21.8 34
Reverse (658C) 6.9 12.4 21.8  
Forward (668C) 7 12.5 21.7 24
Reverse (668C) 7 12.5 21.7  


Front axle fixed with wet brake, rear axle trunnion mounted axel with wet brake, Oscillating angle of rear axle: ± 12°


Hydraulic System

Working pressure   18MPa
Boom lifting time   5.3s
Bucket dumping time   1.22s
Boom lowering time   3.66s


Size   23.5 - 25

Operating Weight

17 000 kg (658C)
19 000 kg (668C)

Bucket Capacity

3.0 - 4.5m³ (658C)
3.3 - 5.5m³ (668C)


Performance Specifications

Breakout force  

168kN (658C) 190kN(668C)

Max. rim-pull   154kN (658C)
163kN (668C)


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